Endless FREE, Simple,Fast and Secure Unlimited Operations system

We been testing the latest Free Linux based Operating system for Simple ‘Mobile Like’ access from Endless OS

It looks fantastic and is very simple to install even on the oldest of laptops (all devices worked on our ancient 8 yr old brick)

As Windows 7 is ‘end of Life’ within the next few months, many people want an option instead of having to throw away their perfectly good laptops

If you want an alterative to Windows 10 and need a secure system without the hastle of typical Linux or other fruit based expensive options! Then give it a try

Fedora 28 END OF LIFE

Please note all Fedora Linux desktop fans. If your running version 28 or lower your operating system will no longer receive security patches, so you may be vulnerable to malware and other risks of attack.

Fedora 28 End of Life

You should update the system using ‘software’ tool within the desktop as soon as possible.

Protect and Test your website from SQL Injection

Handy little site with many #sqli #hacking #examples for testing your site for #sqlinjection #vuneralbilities


Can easily be used with instructions from

Hands-On AWS Penetration Testing with Kali Linux via @packtPub #packtPub https://subscription.packtpub.com/book/virtualization_and_cloud/9781789136722/1/ch01lvl1sec13/setting-up-a-vulnerable-windows-instance?uuid=92cd1893-1a39-4daa-b12d-99f99bd22fbf

#aws #pentest #secops #devops

Dont be too greedy online

It’s too easy to shop around and try and find the lastest bargains online.

But Dont be fooled ! As ever if you next Internet purchase seems too good to be true, it probabaly is a cheap copy of the original goods or services and more than likely a phishing scam.

Always check out a websites Trust before using your credit card.

Coming soon

Misson statement:

We champion technology before its ‘new’

Wouldn’t it be great if #you could influence #i.t ?

#imagine a small software company wanting expert #performance and #tuning with is #app #secops and #cloud #solution

Maybe you want a #payasyougo #sprint #flexible option?

Coming soon….#solutions for #your #business and how #you want to use them!


‘We do I.T differently’

Google Cloud Next

We’re always keen to keep up with the Next best things

Speaking of which, ‘next’ months see’s the latest edition of Google cloud presentation, workshops and bootcamps

Why not login and educate yourself.

Don’t expect them to tell you everything.. Like where your nearest datacenter is located.

Believe us we’ve tried on Google maps… Nothing :0)

Google Cloud Next sessions April 2019n

MySQL Joins

It’s never to late to refresh old skills and read some guides from what might apear initially to be for a beginner.

The Internet is fully of information you can grab when you need it but doesn’t necessarily give you the deep learning that will stay with you long term

In this guide you might learn something to help you remember what a #leftjoin #rightjoin and #innerjoin and #outerjoin means

‘MySQL Joins’ clear and consise Introduction

Need to monitor AWS status messages

If you a big fan of slack and instant messaging vs email inboxes then you might find this useful?

You can setup a channel in slack to monitor https rss feeds

To do this type in a channel

/feed subscrive URL

Useful one’s include

Dublin and London: